Tune into nature with ecopsychology practices, including following natural attractions and exploring some of our 54 senses and sensitivities. 

Our wellbeing naturally is improved by being within nature, our stress levels and blood pressure are reduced amongst many other benefits.  

Nature-Guided walks are similar to the Japanese practice of 'shinrin-yoku or forest bathing"   These walks take place in a city or town with the focus on exploring your local area as a mini-escape from everyday busy lifestyles, rather than a forest environment.  Nature-Guided walks are and may be tailored for an individual or group intent, aim or challenge.

Participants are guided with nature-based practices to deeply tune into the local natural world that is surrounding where we live, work or play.  Practices may include sensory immersion, following 'natural attractions', gratitude, mindfulness, deep 'listening' and creative expression and reflection.  These experiences are easily repeated to deepen our sense of place and understanding of how our local natural world relates to our selfcare and develop deeper habits, rituals and relationships with our local natural spaces.  Ecopsychology methodology guides the session to provide an opportunity for an experience anywhere on the spectrum of sensing wellbeing benefits, to insights, or profound experiences of anima mundi, the soul of the world. 


Practices gently guide individuals to access the deeper benefits of Natures sensory gifts and wisdom, fostering a sense of wellbeing. 

People often report feelings of:

  • relaxation, balance, harmony

  • increased creativity and inspiration

  • clarity and insight

  • awe

  • peace and joy

  • rejuvenation

  • deeper appreciation and understanding of our natural world

  • enjoyment of feeling slowed down from busy lifestyle


We experience nature's benefits by simply being in nature, and may explore the 54 senses and sensitivities as part of the practice...

The practices offer a practice with tools that can be utilised over and over again... 


Day/Time: Individual session dates and times on request. 
Time: 90-mins - 2.5 hrs

Suitability: 16+ and adults for 1:1, families, small groups.
Location: TBA (*Travel outside of South East Melbourne area occurs an additional cost) 
Inclusions: A worksheet and the NSTP Greensong guideline details. 
Fee:  $110 per person/2 - 2.5 hrs. Family or small group neg 90mins + (Cash/EFT)
Considerations: Wear closed sturdy shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather to be outdoors on the day and that you don't mind possibly getting dirty. Pay attention to any pandemic restrictions specific to your area.
Facilitator: Deborah Punton
Methods may include: Applied Ecopsychology, forms of eco-therapy, eco-art therapy, horticultural activities, play, mindfulness and visualization. 
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Large Tree

“The individual practice was helpful in allowing me to feel my connection with nature.

I was reminded about the inherent gifts that I have and I receive from Nature, which is empowering.

I would want to do this practice regularly.

I have support from nature and the environment to help me cope.

Thank you Deb. It really helped me to calm down....

The exercise gave me a focussed way to have more nature engagement with what’s around me.” 


"Tree, can I eat your leaves?"  

Overwhelmed & Dying - ABC Radio Podcast. (2019)

Comedian Judith Lucy is guided on a walk and we discuss being empowered by climate actions and nature mindfulness. Deb and Judith talk about how nature reconnecting is a support network and call for sacred activism. 

"I felt really inspired by Deb’s passion and connection to nature and it make it easy for me to relax and connect too. I felt very supported during the session. The moment around the dragonfly was beautiful and will stay with me (apparently dragonfly’s symbolise a need to allow joy into life and create change. I would agree I need to open up to joy and make some positive changes like connecting more to nature)....I’m feeling that I want to touch nature now more than ever and and finding it easier to tune in to the sounds....a beautiful experience for me to relax and be surrounded be the beautiful noises of the bush around me more than I could before. I feel I can connect quicker than before my session.... I feel more connected to life, my environment and the people and animals in the world around me. - Jen, December 2020

"I’m feeling that I want to touch nature now more than ever and and finding it easier to tune in to the sounds. Loving life, the wildlife is quite loud which allows for a beautiful experience for me to relax and be surrounded be the beautiful noises of the bush around me more than I could before.I feel I can connect quicker than before my session." - Participant 

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“What we are looking for is what is looking.”  - St. Francis of Assisi


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