'Art With Nature'

Within Nature Arts we attune to naturally flowing creativity and our 54+ natural senses to create an artwork.

Creative collaborations connect Nature and the human experience through creative collaborations to create awareness of sustainable living practices. 

Reiki and Eco-psychology

Ecotherapy sessions and workshops are differentiated according to the group or individual intentions. We may combine methods such as The Natural Thinking Process with horticulture activities, nature and sensory observation, nature-guided walks, family eco-art play or Reiki healing.

Sessions and workshops may be conducted in my studio space, your house, a backyard, garden, park or in any natural environment.

SOS is a group where members chat and support each other regarding climate change crisis.

Environmental Education

Workshops, PD and consultations improve relationships with our natural environment while creating meaningful academic and well-being outcomes.  


May include creating a small seasonal veggie and sensory garden &/or art project.

Session tailored to your requirements. 

See examples by clicking on image above.


Free initial consultation (in person or online) to identify involvement required and ascertain your requirements and establish services which we may be able to assist you.  



Click image for more information and please contact for quote. 

Tropical Garden Design

Sensory Gardens are particularly an asset within an education or healing/health facility with multi-sensory aspects.


Landscape Design in play spaces is specifically targeted at the 0-5yr age group where sensory learning is critical to forming healthy neurological pathways.  

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Veggie Gardens

A great sustainable and healthy living choice for apartment complexes, family homes, schools, early childhood centers, nursing, residential assisted living and aged care facilities.  Options include plants and on-going  maintenance, seasonal planting and workshops.  Lower your ecological footprint by growing your own veggies and connect to our food system and your health.  All sessions tailored to your requirements. Click image for examples.

Sustainability of Self
Ecopsychology methods to transition climate change feelings.
Ecopsychology and Nature -Art creative expression
Reconnecting with our innate relationships within Nature
Eco-Art Collaborations
Creative collaborative Eco-Art projects and workshops
Landscape Design
DIY info, Sustainable Horticulture and Landscape design
Environment Education
Environment Education for ELC centres, schools, families and community groups
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The Earth Charter
"Let ours be a time remembered for the awakening of a new reverence for life, the firm resolve to achieve sustainability, the quickening of the struggle for justice and peace, and the joyful celebration of life." 

Greensong respectfully acknowledges the traditional caretakers of the stolen land on which we live, work and play.


We recognise that sovereignty was never ceded and pay respect to Elders past, present, and emerging.


We stand in solidarity with First Nations People in the plight for justice and restoration to a safe climate for all life. 


We also acknowledge the non-human and more-than-human beings within our world.

Workshop fees and donations go to fund Greensong projects and the following organisations:

Our lives and experiences are enriched by a diversity of participants, everyone is welcome regardless of their financial situation, therefore we offer a tiered pricing structure. Please see the specific event or contact for more info.