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Greensong ecopsychology


Greensong offers tailored, inspiring experiences to deeply connect people with our natural world through ecopsychology practices, eco-art therapy, environment education, horticulture, and permaculture landscape design for the health and regeneration of self, community, and our natural world.


Applied Ecopsychology and eco-art methods offer relaxation, healing, wisdom and self-discovery through a variety of nature & mindfulness opportunities.

Practices tune us in to relationship with other beings and entities, and offers guidance to act on behalf of, and as a part of the life-sustaining, reciprocal world. 


Offering real-life skills and meaningful moments thorough practical nature-connecting activities and experiences. 


This work is to strengthen the communities we are part of, build resilience and respectful relationships within a  regenerative culture.


Creating ecosystems surrounding us that nurture ourselves and our natural world.


As we are not separate from our environment, there are many ways to tune in to the reciprocal relationships surrounding us and take actions that supports life to thrive. 


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