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Greensong offers tailored, inspiring experiences to deeply connect people with our natural world through ecopsychology practices, eco-art therapy, environment education, horticulture, and permaculture landscape design for the wellbeing of self, community, and our natural world.


Ecopsychology and Eco-Art Therapy

Greensong incorporates ecopsychological principles and practices that deepen awareness of our environment and foster a sense of connection and hightened ecological awareness.  

Applied ecopsychology and eco-art workshops and sessions offer relaxation, healing, wisdom and self-discovery through a variety of nature & mindfulness opportunities.  


Enviroment Education, workshops & programs

Educational components integrate ecological principles, sustainable practices, and an understanding of the interconnectedness of all living things.

Greensong guides adults and children

through meaningful workshops and experiences.  Practical gardening and biodiversity workshops offer hands-on learning experiences to strengthen skills and knowledge, deepen our local connection and ecological awareness, and encourages active participation in regenerative actions.


Landscape design, permaculture, & horticulture

 As we are not separate from our environment, there are many ways to tune in to the reciprocal relationships surrounding us and take actions that support life to thrive. 


Promoting nature connection and well-being through designing gardens, landscapes, and conservation initiatives. Applying tangable permaculture principles, we cultivate skills to foster healthy ecosystems, benefiting individuals, communities and the world around us.


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Location - Naarm, Melbourne Australia.

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Connecting people to self, community, and our natural world.

© Deborah Punton

Connecting people to self, community, and our natural world through permaculture and ecopsychology

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