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Greensong provides inspiring, creative experiences and workshops that deeply reconnect our innate, ecological self with each other and nature to sense our interconnected relationships.


MISSION ... to connect people to self, community and our natural world.

VISION .... facilitate experiences that guide people with taking life-affirming actions that care for self, community and our natural world from a values perspective of respect, love, appreciation, and belonging. 

Greensong is founded on

  • Ecopsychology methodology with respect for innate wisdom, natural systems thinking, justice, interconnected, reciprocal relationships with all entities.

  • The Earth Charter joining together to bring forth a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace.

  • Permaculture Ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share

Fern Leaves

Greensong... co-creating regenerative moments with Nature as part of Nature 

A holistic regenerative approach is adopted to ensure sustainability of self, community and environment are foundations of Greensong lifework.

Greensong guides and supports people in taking constructive and pro-environmental actions that care for self, community and our natural world from a perspective of respect, love, appreciation, equity and belonging. 

Anthropocentric (egocentric) to ecocentric

Deb desires to broaden the sustainability concept from an anthropocentric viewpoint to ecocentric which considers all life, without humans being the noted superior species. She looks at the systems, cycles and rhythms supporting all life; within ourselves, community and our environment.  

Applied ecopsychology is applying ecopsychology methodology to provide an opportunity for an experience anywhere on the spectrum of sensing wellbeing benefits from our being in and with nature, to finding solutions and insights, to profound experiences of anima mundi, the soul of the world.  


Greensong aims to support and inspire individuals and groups by offering simple, enriching and empowering practices, experiences and strategies that can be easily integrated in regular daily life.  The human species is the only species capable on our planet to use our whole body to take actions to make changes necessary to create a regenerative culture and attempt to mitigate the damage of the climate and ecological crisis. 


Our lives and experiences are enriched by the diversity of participants. 

Everyone is welcome regardless of their financial situation, therefore we offer a tiered pricing structure.  Please see the specific event or contact for more info about donations, gift economy/skill share options.

Workshop fees and donations fund Greensong projects and support other organisations to continue their life-affirming work.


In the spirit of reconciliation, I respectfully acknowledge the traditional people of the land and waters on which we live, work and play.  I pay my respects to Elders past and present, and am grateful for the more than 60,000 years of sustainable indigenous lifeways of caring for country.


I recognise that sovereignty was never ceded and I reflect on the fact that I have benefited from the privileges inherited from people being dispossessed of land, culture, language, and life.  I am deeply sorry for the trauma of colonisation and its continued effects and acknowledge with my privilege comes a greater responsibility. 


I honour with gratitude our anscestors and the other-than-human kin as we seek respectful and reciprocal relationships with all beings.  I welcome all opportunities to progress towards a life-sustaining, regenerative culture and actions for the continuation of life in its various forms on our planet.


Collaborations are welcomed with other persons, organizations and projects. They will be chosen for their integrity, alignment iwth Greensong ethics and commitment to equitable, long-term sustainability and a peaceful world.

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