Greensong provides therapeutic individual or group workshops, garden designs, and events which include elements of environmental education, personal and community wellbeing.

Greensong Mission

Greensong offers tailored, inspiring experiences to deeply connect people with our natural world.

Greensong Vision

is for people to experience a worldview perspective of respect and reciprocity,  embrace a regenerative culture

and act to restore our climate to safe levels for all life to thrive

Greensong is founded on

Ecopsychology methodology and respect for indigenous ways of being

The Earth Charter -  joining together to bring forth a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace

Permaculture - Ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share

When the ideal systems are in place; Nature can do what it naturally does - thrive

We humans are Nature, our environment around us supports and sustains us to thrive 

Therefore is it natural for us to nurture and protect what supports and sustains us

Greensong began in 2012 in Singapore and relocated to Melbourne Australia in 2014. 


Debs unique combination of qualifications, sklls and life experiences combine to co-create with Nature sustainable systems based on:


  • Ms. Science Applied Ecopsychology

  • Eco-Art Therapy Certificate

  • Diploma Landscape Design

  • Permaculture Design Certificate

  • Horticulture Cert 2

  • Ex-nurse (Psychiatric Endorsed)

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Applied Ecopsychology identifies human-nature behavioral influences and relationships within our self, society, and environment.  Connecting with Nature techniques access the present, mindful, sensory world, often resulting in rejuvenating and insightful experiences to heal, expand self-development and ripple into the ecosystems surrounding us. 


Deb utilizes Ecopsychology and Eco-Art Therapy methods in programs and group sessions with people who wish to:

  • explore creative expression

  • feel balanced, healthier and more relaxed

  • work through personal issues

  • address feelings from our ecological decline: anxiety, depression, despair, guilt, numbness, feelings of being overwhelmed/powerless

  • find relief and insights of addictive, destructive behaviours

  • connect with food systems and make healthy food choices 


She works to empower individuals, small groups and families to take action in their lives whereby it can expand and ripple into their immediate environment, including the Nature surrounding and supporting them and their circle of influence. 

Deb enjoyed working for 5 years in an Early Childhood setting creating and managing a Sensory Garden Project and Environment Education Workshops in Singapore.

2 years of the project were integrated to form the basis of her BA equivalency in Applied Ecopsychology and was made up of proposals, sensory landscape design, creating Environmental Education workshops, implementing EE into the International IB School curriculum and documentation. This also offered exciting multi-generational and cross-cultural experiences within environmental sustainability boundaries.  


Deb now works mainly in Sth Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne and surrounds with private clients and groups and at Port Phillip EcoCentre as an Environmental Educator and Garden Coordinator.  She has completed a Masters in Applied Ecopsychology specializing in Eco-Art therapy and offers a variety of workshops to the public.

Deb realized much of her employment did not impact the amount of people needed to create a safe and healthy future and she acknowledged her small

ethical actions didn't amount up to much in the grand scheme of the climate change action required. Therefore, she researched human behaviour in relation 

to emotions about climate change for her Ms in Applied Ecopsychology.  Her thesis focused on how we can sustain ourselves to be active, resilient, productive and empowered through our current climate crisis. She volunteers as a coordinator/facilitator with Project NatureConnect and Eco-Art Therapy and as a facilitator with grass-roots group Climate for Change. 

"I am familiar with the emotional distress that can come with understanding the severity of climate change. I have found a real sense of purpose and a supportive network in facilitating with Climate for Change. I feel hopeful and empowered by taking positive actions to help people communicate about an issue that affects everyone. I'd like effective Climate Change conversations to become mainstream to enable us to process this global problem and move forward with the actions we need to take while feeling supported by each other. Please contact me to host or talk more. S.O.S Sustainability of Self is a project offering regular group opportunities focused around expressing Climate Change related distress.

Future plans involve establishing a country site to demonstrate sustainable and regenerative living based on permaculture and Ecopsychology methods. 


Collaborations with other persons, organizations and projects are chosen for their integrity, ethics and a similar commitment to Greensong mission and values. sustainable moments with Nature as part of Nature... 

The term 'sustainability' emerged in the 1970's as a key concept for environmental and social planning processes then in the 80's the United Nations 'World Commission on Environment and Development' (WCED) published a report defining sustainable development as "development that meets the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs" (WCED 1987)


Deb desires to broaden and challenge this concept from an anthropocentric viewpoint to one which considers all life, without humans being the noted sole superior species.  She looks at the eco-systems, cycles and rhythms supporting all life; within ourselves and within our environment.  

Deb works with groups and individuals to co-create a sustainable future meeting nature, non-human and human needs with a grounded, sacred approach.  

Individuals and communities who sense themselves as eco-conscious rather than self-conscious know they are part of the interdependent web-of-life and feel an ethical authenticity to take sustainable actions towards a thriving future for all.  Within our current state of planetary crisis, this requires a unified, respectful, deep adaptation response.

Media - click images for details
The Threshold eco-art project for Melbourne's 2019 Sustainable Living festival and includes the Sustainable Hour radio interview. Click image for project details with interview.
Taking comedian Judith Lucy on a guided walk and having a good chat about being empowered by climate actions and nature mindfulness. on her Podcast. "Tree, can I eat your leaves?"  Overwhelmed & Dying - ABC Radio

"You are a gift Deb... Plant Whisperer, in a sense.  
​Teaching others that they, too, have the ability if they listen and experience the life of each plant." 
​Kristen 2015

As I sit 

Touching the Earth

 I am touched back

And told, "You are home."


GREENSONG / Deborah Punton

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Melbourne, Australia


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Greensong respectfully acknowledges the traditional caretakers of the stolen land on which we live, work and play. We recognise that sovereignty was never ceded and pay respect to Elders past, present, and emerging.  We stand in solidarity with First Nations People in the plight for justice and restoration to a safe climate for all life. 

We also acknowledge with gratitude, the non-human and more-than-human beings within our world.

Our lives and experiences are enriched by a diversity of participants, everyone is welcome regardless of their financial situation, therefore we offer a tiered pricing structure. Please see the specific event or contact for more info about donations and skill share options. 

Workshop fees and donations fund Greensong projects and the following organisations: