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Sustainability of Self; as part of a whole living organism...

“It's going to be beautiful to see what we dare to do. Facing our fears, and letting go of and getting over our knee-jerk reactions to what we think we don't like or are afraid of.   To see our capacity to walk into the fire.  To discover how much we really love being alive.  To give ourselves a taste of what that passion is.  To let us fall really in love with our planet, and its beauty, and to see that in ourselves, as well as in each other.”  

Joanna Macy, Ph.D. Eco-philosopher, scholar of Buddhism, general systems theory, and deep ecology


The aim of Sustainabiltiy of Self is to create spaces to transition feelings and thoughts, share actions and practices, and celebrate life as we live meaningful lives with acceptance about climate, ecological and systems collapse. 

We will explore how we can use nature’s wisdom and human connection to become part of the solution to the world’s problems, preventing us from living in fear and becoming paralysed in the face of uncertainty.  Our behaviours, relationships and actions are reflected in our sense of wellbeing. We explore a variety of themes and practices together, recognising the benefits of meaningful community interactions and how our self-care is intrinsically linked to our sense of self, community and wider environment.


  • use a given space and time to process, witness, acknowledge, share and transition any feelings and thoughts (including our uncomfortable emotions and sensations) with curiosity and compassion. 

  • reconnect and strengthen our innate relationships with nature, as part of nature, through learning and incorporating restorative ecopsychology (deep or sacred ecology) methods and/or eco-art therapy as creative expression

  • learn and share techniques, methods and practices to create a personal tool-box enabling us to maintain a foundation of good health and our capacity to play a meaningful role in responding to caring for our community and natural world

  • promote and foster meaningful community engagement, build our sense of community, peer-to-peer support, connectedness, personal, and community resilience

  • share celebrations, reflections, dreams and stories of living within a caring, regenerative culture

  • explore various programs including The Work That Reconnects and Active Hope, The Good Grief 10-Step Program and Deep Adaptation conversations. Special guests and collaboration opportunites are welcomed.


Events and workshops are hosted online and in-person. They include The Good Grief Network 10-step program, Deep Adaptation Discussion, Active Hope and the Work That Reconnects, SOS: CiIrcles of Support, Ecopsychology/deep ecology practices & Eco-Art Therapy... 

SOS sessions may be stand-alone events, requested sessions, either online, self-guided or in person

Days/Times: As noted in current events or requested

Locations:  Online/zoom, and as noted on events or requested

Suitability: Adults and adolescents 16+
Group size: As noted in events (usually 6-20)

Book: See CURRENT EVENTS for more information and to register. Please contact for a quote if you require a tailored session for yourself or group.  

Fees: Most sessions are sliding scale and fees support other not-for-profit organisations. Our lives and experiences are enriched by the diversity of participants.  Everyone is welcome regardless of their financial situation, therefore we offer a tiered pricing structure.  Please see the specific event or contact for more info about fees, donations, or skillshare options. 

Facilitator: Deb Punton/Greensong and special guests. Please note that Deb/Greensong is not a psychologist, she is an ecopsychologist.  More about Deb


Are you feeling overwhelm or uncomfortable sensations related to living in an unsustainable business-as-usual society, systems collapse, climate and ecological breakdown?   You are not alone...  Our reactions are understandable given the state of our climate and ecological crisis and societal dysfunction.  All feelings are welcomed including eco-distress, anxiety and grief.

This SOS project was born as a Masters in Applied Ecopsychology eco-resilience project, a journey from despair to empowerment.  This project then evolved further from the City Of Port Phillips Environmental Leaders course in 2021. Read more about SOS origins HERE

If you are not sure if SOS is for you, please contact Deb for a chat and see the Active Hope webpage.  I highly recommend watching the documentary: Living in The Time of Dying (54-mins) by Michael Shaw to understand the value of processing thoughts and feelings.


“I really enjoyed the SOS Eco-Art session today. Deb created a fantastic open and supportive environment where we all felt very comfortable stating our thoughts and feelings without judgement. I loved the quiet and contemplative art and mindfulness activities, which allowed us to express ourselves clearly and directly from the heart.”

- Malcolm, June 2019

"I am grieving about the state of our environment.  I have deep sorrow inside me that began to emerge as I spoke. And I feel a responsibility to keep myself strong and keep working to change things for the better... The session confirmed to me the importance of connection – connection to one’s feelings and to other like-minded people...  The importance of being connected to our body and mind, to our own nature and our connection to nature. After all we share the same elements as nature. Much as we love our individuality and independence, we are inter-dependent. And we need to feel supported and to be able to support others so we can work together towards shared goals... The session also made it clear to me how different we each are and the beauty and strength in this. We each need to step up and do more but in a way that we are comfortable with... Some of us like to speak out and organise, others quietly work and influence through their art, for example, or in maintaining their emotional health to support others. Some of us will engage with politicians, others might do the necessary background research.  And it’s vitally important to be able to sustain each step we take, to know when and how best we can step up, otherwise we risk falling..." - Louise, SOS workshop 2019


Please note:

SOS sessions are not intended for individuals in crisis mode and are not a substitute for any medical care, regular treatments, and medications.


If you are feeling the need for professional help please contact:

Other Australian helplines

 “The sorrow, grief, and rage you feel is a measure of your humanity and your evolutionary maturity.   

As your heart breaks open, there will be room for the world to heal.”   - Joanna Macy


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