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Greensong offers tailored, inspiring experiences to deeply connect people with our natural world through ecopsychology practices, eco-art therapy, environment education, horticulture, and landscape design for the sustainability of self, community, and environment.
Workshops are interactive and engaging, and tailored to your specific needs

Eco-Art combines nature, creative expression, mindfulness, and applied ecopsychology practices to connect win with some of our 54+ senses and sensitivites. Workshops based around creative expression are tailored to the intent of the client or students.  Options include creating mini-gardens, bath fizz and seed balls. The focused intent may be to create an artwork, learn Chinese Brushpainting techniques, clarify a challenge, gain therapeutic feelings, or personal insights.  


"It was about being creative and being in touch with your inner creativity without having to please anyone, it was very special for me to have that little space. I am surprised how positive this has been.  It has taught me to not run from myself but to sit quietly with myself and remember I have the connections in me to make sense of my world and the things in it.   It’s reminded me that I thought creativity was at a dead-end but this showed me there are other ways to create. I can radiate out and live if I connect back with myself, with nature and the things that give me light and life.  I will take this as a lesson to be mindful of."  - Laura, Sept. 2014   


We channel natural creative energy to produce an 'artwork' which incorporates sensorial aspects, expression and findings following a deep nature-connected experience.  Art and nature combined are beneficial on many levels and bring about an awareness of natural systems and our relationship within them.  We also may learn more about specific plants and the cultural context.  


"...the facilitator was very in tune with the idea of allowing Nature to guide and teach. " - EcoArt participant. Jan 2015

No previous art experience required, in fact it can be an advantage! Contact for quote dependant on requirements, group, school or individual sessions.


"I have been enjoying our lessons immensely.  I am very fortunate to know you and learn from you.  I feel you are helping me unlock something that had been there locked up inside me."   - Art With Nature student. Sept. 2013

‘This was a beautifully put together and powerful workshop. Steps were made to create a safe and supportive environment for us to re-connect with ourselves and nature. We see once more that nature has the answers, we just need to listen’. - Oliver (Tune into Nature group workshop as part of the Earth Art Exhibition, 2019. Space2B) 

Environmental Education

Workshops, PD and consultations improve relationships with our natural environment while creating meaningful academic and well-being outcomes.  


Workshops may include landscape design, creating a small seasonal veggie and sensory garden, workshops, Teacher PD &/or an art project.

Session tailored to your requirements. 

Sessions, training and consultation related to ecopsychology, benefits of nature, conature-reconnecting, will be tailored to your requirements. Please contact to chat.

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These 'Tune-into-Nature' workshops demonstrate how any ordinary backyard, park or garden can provide relaxation, bliss, creative inspiration and a multitude of other therapeutic benefits for groups or individuals.

This is similar to the benefits of Forest Bathing however there is greater depth with following an appied ecopsychology method.

Session tailored to your requirements using Ecopsychology practices 


Each season has its unique pattern of action; we use sensorial connections and the natural systems thinking process (NSTP) with the natural seasonal cycles.

Guided walk Greensong

Guided nature walks gently assist with re-connecting us with our inner nature and natural environment to provide therapeutic benefits.  Deb uses Ecopsychology 'Natural Systems Thinking' model to gently guide individuals.  Feelings of relaxation, creativity and inspiration are regularly felt and quite often ahh-haa insightful moments.  Walks are tailored to your intent. Contact for quote according to location.  

Walking off Depression article

Forest Bathing article

"Deb,  I feel very privileged to have you to guide me for this nature walk. Thank you!  I learned that nature has the answer to modern day living stress. There is this deep connection between nature and human that we have long forgotten to connect with. Being in nature (after consenting it) helps me to appreciate life better and take things around me slow. It help me to appreciate myself and this world i live in. And a tree is not just a tree, it full with life. its the circle of life." - Singaporean female, 29. (Self-confessed high-rise girl!) August 2013

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Mini gardens are created with specific intentions at heart by those making them

"To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders."  - Chuang-tzu

Numerous options to collaborate on projects relevant to Eco-Art Therapy and Applied Ecopsychology. 

Most workshops are tailored sessions according to client intent.

Dates and times are flexible.

Please contact to discuss collaborations and specific workshop content.


Sustainability of Self; transitioning climate grief and anxiety. You are invited to join 'safe circle' groups, or individual sessions as we witness together, support each other and learn to transition uncomfortable emotions and create methods that sustain us.  Events include Deep Ecology/Nature Reconnecting practices, Active Hope Study Groups, The Work that Reconnects and the Good Grief Network 10-step program.

Chinese Brushpainting Techniques with Eco-Art is offered as individual sessions.  An example may be something as simple as heightened sensory observation of a bamboo plant and observing the horticultural aspects of the plant, intention of the Chinese brushpainting artist and the technique of painting. These classes involve a 5-week program with the client painting and applied ecopsychology lessons including homework, writing reflections and sharing insights.


"I felt that my instructor is a true nature lover and is following the protocol of the art lesson and I respected that. I looked at the greenish yellow strong bamboo stems standing in front of me. And before I could ask for its consent I felt that the bamboo and I were part of the same family: ‘nature family’.  The strong, erect bamboo and I were not very different from each other. …as I painted at home I felt immense peace. When I started, my head was completely muddled up from various chores that I had in mind. As I painted I realized I was gaining my concentration and focus. It relaxed me. I felt a sense of achievement each time I painted a leaf, a stalk or a branch that was up to my satisfaction…I am excited about painting nature and expressing my various moods through nature.  (Monica, lesson 1 Bamboo Chinese Brush painting. (2013)


These professional and personal development workshops encourage sustainable practices and principles. I look at our horticulture and gardening practices as Horticulture Therapy because working in and with nature has been researched to lower blood pressure, stress response and many other benefits.

Sessions and activities are based on the intent of the individual or group and may be conducted in a backyard, garden, school, center or park... any natural setting.


“Seeing myself as particles of unity I perceive others and my environment as same. I choose to interact with the wisdom of who and what I am…Trust nature will find a way to let me know of an attraction for my well-being.” - Participant. Nov. 2014


​Reconnecting to our relationship with our own plants and garden spaces, food systems and ecosystems through horticultural and landscape design perspectives.  We follow The Natural Systems Thinking Process, Horticulture activities and other methods of working with Nature to guide us towards achieving our goals and intent.  


This activity may involve learning to propagate cuttings, design a garden, make a mini-garden..


Contact for more info or a quote to establish program or workshop based on your requirements. 

Learn with Nature to begin new life by sowing vegetable seeds or creating a seed ball.


A great workshop if you are wanting to delve into transformational times.  What seeds do you want to sow and nurture?

...at the same time grow some food to nurture your body...

Fern Plant
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Greensong respectfully acknowledges the traditional caretakers of the land and waters on which we live, work and play. We recognise that sovereignty was never ceded and pay respect to Elders past, present, and emerging. 

We also acknowledge with gratitude, the more-than-human beings within our world.