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Greensong ecopsychology


Greensong offers tailored, inspiring experiences to deeply connect people with our natural world for the health and regeneration of self, community, and our natural world.

What is Ecopsychology?

The word Ecopsychology comes from: 

  • The Greek 'eco/oikos' for 'house/dwelling' and 'ecology' meaning the interconnected natural symbiotic relationships 

  • and 'Psychology' is interpreted as the health of 'soul/spirit' 

Ecopsychology is NOT conventional psychology and Deb is NOT a psychologist.   

Ecopsychology is a term founded by Theodore Roszak and stems from the belief that human beings are Nature and not separate from our natural world:


"Ecopsychology holds that there is a synergistic interplay between planetary and personal well-being."    In his book The Voice of the Earth: An Exploration of Ecopsychology (1992) Theodore Roszak writes; 'Its goal is to bridge our culture’s long-standing, historical gulf between the psychological and the ecological, to see the needs of the planet and the person as a continuum. In search of greater sanity, it begins where many might say sanity leaves off: at the threshold of the nonhuman world.'  "Other therapies seek to heal the alienation between person and person, person and family, person and society. Ecopsychology seeks to heal the more fundamental alienation between the person and the natural environment.”

(Theodore Roszak, 1993) 

Greensong Ecopsychology

Deb studied Ecopsychology and Eco-Art Therapy with Project NatureConnect and associated universities from 2012 -2017. She continues to mentor and facilitate Eco-Art therapy groups and apply ecopsychology in Greensong practices, events and workshops.  She incorporates ecopsychology as a life-way in all aspects of current employment, workshops and consulting positions within health and wellbeing, educational, environmental, and conservation practices. Workshops and events are offered and tailoring sessions are encouraged so clients gain the most from the session. Deb guides particpants with an applied ecopsychology practice called The Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP) where the participant often gains a deeper understanding of therapeutic benefits of being in and with nature.

Read more about how Ecopsychology is applied?

All Greensong practices focus on the individual or group intent, aim or challenge. You are encouraged to contact Deb to explore possibilities.  

Nature-Guided Walks are designed as a mini-escape from our everyday busy lifestyles.  Partipants are guided with practices to deeply tune into the local natural world that is surrounding where we live, work or play. 

Learn about Greensong Nature-Guided walks

What is ecotherapy?

Ecotherapy is participating in an activity in nature with an aim of a therapeutic outcome.  

“Ecotherapy is an umbrella term for nature-based methods of physical and psychological healing.” - International Association for Ecotherapy

Ecotherapies may be prescriptive, educational and/or an experiential practice to engage participants with nature for greater health and wellbeing. Practices are repeatable and practical fostering a deeper connection to selves, our community and natural world. 

Applied ecopsychology elements may be interwoven within these wellebing modes: therapeutic horticulture, horticulture therapy, wilderness therapy, rewilding, transpersonal therapy, sacred ecology, spiritual ecology, adventure therapy, bush therapy, outdoor therapy, green care, forest therapy, forest bathing, nature-based therapy/counseling, outdoor healthcare, nature-reconnecting, nature mindfulness, nature meditation, shamanism, systems thinking, quantum theories, nature psychotherapy, animal-assisted therapy, and/or other nature-based therapies.



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Connecting people to self, community, and our natural world.

© Deborah Punton

Connecting people to self, community, and our natural world through permaculture and ecopsychology

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