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1. Emailed seasonal newsletter focusing on Greensong Nature-connecting offerings to benefit well-being on self, community and environment.

2. Free seasonal self-guided Applied Ecopsychology & eco-art practice. (Code is in newsletter) 

3. Discounted, free and early-bird workshops, practices and giveaways.

4. Seasonal online or in-person Kinfolk Gatherings (Free or by donation for special guests) 

Kinfolk Gatherings are an opportunity to meet others, talk about our Nature-based experiences, enjoy social connection and peer-to-peer support. Come to a Kinfolk informal gathering; meet Deb [Greensong] ask questions and chat with other like-minded people, share stories and life-affirming actions.

More info: 

  • This Kinfolk group aims to be a safe space for expressing our emotions, experiences, stories, discoveries, and reflections from participating in nature-reconnecting practices which have deepened our ecological receptiveness, awareness and sense of embodiment. 

  • Relating with others validates our experiences, helps us to use language to make sense and meaning from our experiences and enhances our relationships with each other.  We have the opportuniy to share how we are integrating practices, Natures' healing, support and wisdom in our daily living, including work, grassroots initiatives and actions.  

5. Kinship Facebook group page. A place to share embodied nature-experiences, photos, reflections, and enjoy connecting with like-minded people to validate our experiences, deepen perspectives and insights.

6. In-person gatherings, picnics and excursion invites as noted in Seasonal newsletter, on socials and Greensong Kinfolk Facebook Group page 

7. *In-person Reiki tune-up. $85 per hour special. *Currently unavailable. 


The FREE seasonal practices engage with the Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP), eco-art therapy practices and the 54 Natural Senses and sensitivities.  The Greensong Guidelines ecopsychology practice steps are a simplified version of the NSTP steps formulated by Dr. Michael Cohen of Project NatureConnect.  Following the process steps assists us to tune-in, become more receptive and mindful as we explore multi-sensing, reciprocal relationships and our ecological 'self.  More about ecopsychology... 


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