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Greensong ecopsychology


Deb founded Greensong Ecopsychology  in 2012 in Singapore and relocated to Melbourne Australia in 2014

​Deb is an Ecopsychologist, Eco-Art Therapist Facilitator, Environment Educator, Permaculture Teacher and Landscape Designer.
She works in environmental education, coordination of a community garden and with Greensong projects and passions.

Greensong aims to connect people with nature to create healthier relationships within self, community and environment.

​Debs unique combination of qualifications, skills and life experiences combine to co-create with nature based on:

Applied Ecopsychology and Eco-Art Therapy sessions and projects are based on attuning ourselves with reciprocal relationships as a part of nature.
Offerings include Nature Guided Walks, (forest bathing with a twist) SOS eco-resilience workshops to transition climate/ecological crisis-related feelings, Backyard Bliss, Eco-Art SeasonsGratitude Mandalasand other events as noted and requested. Many events may be individual sessions or groups and tailored to the client needs.

Environmental education, gardening classes and workshops and other professional development workshops demonstrate how deep connections with Nature increase our well-being, offer opportunities to see ourselves as part of natures ecosystems and the role we an play. Active Hope and The Work That Reconnects workshops broadens our community relationships, increases resilience and support networks.

Holistic permaculture landscape designs, horticultural garden consultation, and gardening workshops provide a tangible and nutritious connections to our sense of place and nature as a vital part of our health. Other environment-focused offerings include Sacred Seeds, wildlife gardens, veggie gardens and Gardens for Wellbeing 




Other passions

Deb utilizes Ecopsychology and Eco-Art Therapy methods in programs and group sessions with people who wish to:

  • Explore creative expression

  • Feel balanced, healthier and rejuvenated

  • Enquire into interconnected relationships with self as part of the whole

  • Process feelings from our ecological decline: Ie. anxiety, depression, despair, guilt, feelings of being overwhelmed/powerless. See S.O.S

  • Connect with their immediate environment, support wildlife, growing edibles, designing healthy gardens

  • Understand benefits of nature and how to utilise aspects of regenerative systems thinking within organisations or our community

  • Learn more about plants, food systems and sustainable practices

  • Engage in sacred activism, process thoughts and feelings, learn what actions to take to adapt to the climate and ecological emergency


I aim to speak up for those who do not have a human voice.

"Sacred Activism is a transforming force of compassion-in-action that is born of a fusion of deep spiritual knowledge, courage, love, and passion, with wise radical action in the world. The large-scale practice of Sacred Activism can become an essential force for preserving and healing the planet and its inhabitants." - Andrew Harvey

I allow our earth to flow through me with feeling, listening and communicating to know what meaningful actions to take that will benefit our planet. Techniques provided and a space (online and in-person) assist in transitioning emotions through the SOS eco-resilience project. It is natural that we would feel anger, rage, and other intense feelings when protecting our earth, part of ourselves and all we need for survival... If we allow ourselves to transition all feelings without a judgement of 'good and bad' and intersperse them all with love and gratitude, we are helped to maintain a balanced and motivated focus. 

"You are a gift Deb... Plant Whisperer, in a sense.  ​Teaching others that they, too, have the ability if they listen and experience the life of each plant."

- ​Kristen 2015


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