Image by Mick Haupt

About Deb

Greensong began in 2012 in Singapore and relocated to Melbourne Australia in 2014. ​

Deb is an Ecopsychologist, Eco-Art Therapist Facilitator, Environment Educator, and Permaculture Landscape Designer. She works with Port Phillip EcoCentre on several projects and teams. She is the EcoCentre and Caulfield South Community Garden.  

Greensong aims to connect people with nature to create healthier relationships within self, community and environment. If we cannot care for ourselves we cannot care for our community and our environment in the ways we need to heal and progress towards a life-affirming regenerative culture. 

"You are a gift Deb... Plant Whisperer, in a sense.  
​Teaching others that they, too, have the ability if they listen and experience the life of each plant."
​Kristen 2015