Debs' Greensong History

Greensong began in 2012 in Singapore and relocated to Melbourne Australia in 2014. 

Deb is an Ecopsychologist, Eco-Art Therapist Facilitator, Environment Educator, and Permaculture Landscape Designer. She works with Port Phillip EcoCentre and within her passion Greensong.  Greensong is a calling for sacred activism and actions which in essence flow through to create healthier relationships within self, community and environment. 

Debs unique combination of qualifications, skills and life experiences combine to co-create with nature based on:


Applied Ecopsychology and Eco-Art Therapy sessions and projects are based on attuning ourselves with reciprocal relationships within nature. Sessions include Nature Guided Walks, SOS sessions to transaction climate-related feelings, Backyard Bliss, Eco-Art SeasonsGratitude Mandalas, and other events as noted and requested


Environmental education workshops and professional development demonstrate how deep connections with Nature increase our well-being, challenge us, offer opportunities to see ourselves as part of natures ecosystems, and create behaviours to make sustainable choices. 


Holistic Landscape Designs, horticultural garden consultation, and assistance for our surrounding environments that support us.  Our gardens provide a tangible and nutritious connection to our sense of place and healthy reciprocal relationships. More: Sacred Seeds, propagating plants, wildlife gardens, and veggie gardens

  • Ms. Science Applied Ecopsychology

  • Eco-Art Therapy Certificate

  • Diploma Landscape Design

  • Permaculture Design Certificate

  • Horticulture Cert 2

  • Ex-nurse (Psychiatric Endorsed)

Other passions:



“When change wants to happen, it looks for people to act through.”  - Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone. (Active Hope)

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"You are a gift Deb...

Plant Whisperer, in a sense.  
​Teaching others that they, too, have the ability if they listen and experience the life of each plant." 

​Kristen 2015

Deb utilizes Ecopsychology and Eco-Art Therapy methods in programs and group sessions with people who wish to:

  • Explore creative expression

  • Feel balanced, healthier and rejuvenated

  • Enquire into interconnected relationships with self as part of the whole

  • Process feelings from our ecological decline: Ie. anxiety, depression, despair, guilt, feelings of being overwhelmed/powerless. See S.O.S

  • Connect with their immediate environment, support wildlife, growing edibles, designing healthy gardens

  • Understand benefits of nature and how to utilise aspects of regenerative systems thinking within organisations or our community

  • Learn more about plants, food systems and sustainable practices

  • Engage in sacred activism, learn what actions to take to adapt to the climate and ecological emergency

Deb enjoyed working for 5-years in an Early Childhood setting creating and managing a Sensory Garden Project and Environment Education Workshops in Singapore. This 2-year project was formed the basis of her BA equivalency in Applied Ecopsychology and was made up of proposals, sensory landscape design, creating Environmental Education workshops, implementing EE into the International IB School curriculum, teacher professional development, and documentation. This also offered exciting multi-generational and cross-cultural experiences within environmental sustainability boundaries.  

Deb also enjoys expressing herself with Chinese Brushpainting art, creating needle-felted blessing/spirit dolls and working with creative community Eco-Art collaborations. Please contact regarding possibilities of collaborations.  


Deb now works mainly in Sth Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne and surrounds with private clients and groups and at Port Phillip EcoCentre as an Environmental Educator, project officer and the Garden Coordinator.  She has completed a Masters in Applied Ecopsychology specializing in Eco-Art therapy and offers a variety of workshops to the public.  Her Applied Ecopsychology thesis focused on how we can sustain ourselves to be active, resilient, productive and empowered through our current climate and ecological crisis.

Applied Ecopsychology identifies human-nature behavioral influences and relationships within our self, society, and environment.  Nature reconnecting techniques access the present, mindful, sensory world, often resulting in rejuvenating and insightful experiences to heal, expand self-development and ripple into the ecosystems surrounding us.  Deb aims to empower individuals, groups and families to take sustainable actions in their lives that ripples into their local environment and circles of influence. More about sustainability and Greensong...

Deb practices Sacred Activism

I allow our earth to flow through me with feeling, listening and communicating to know what meaningful actions to take that will benefit our planet.  I provide techniques and a space (online and in-person) to transition emotions through the SOS project. It is natural, that we would feel anger, rage, and other intense feelings when protecting our earth, part of us... If we allow ourselves to transition all feelings without judgement of 'good and bad' and intersperse them all with love and gratitude it will help us keep balance and motivated focus. 

"Sacred Activism is a transforming force of compassion-in-action that is born of a fusion of deep spiritual knowledge, courage, love, and passion, with wise radical action in the world. The large-scale practice of Sacred Activism can become an essential force for preserving and healing the planet and its inhabitants." - Andrew Harvey


The Threshold collaboration with artist Carolyn Cardinet. Workshop and immersive and interactive installation at the 2019 Sustainable LIving Festival, including The Sustainable Hour radio interview.

Garden for wildlife

3000 Acres: Deborah's Wild Edible Garden, demonstrating sustainable principles, natural systems and design and what can be achieved within 4-years.


Overwhelmed & Dying Podcast experience with Judith Lucy "Tree, can I eat your leaves?" 2020


NATURES ABUNDANCE. presentation at the global Embodiment Conference. 2020


PANEL DISCUSSION with Costa and Bruce Pascoe by Stonnington Council. "Learnings from 2020 – A discussion on self-sufficiency." 2020

climate for change sticker

CLIMATE FOR CHANGE Our mission is "to create the social climate in Australia for effective action on climate change." A chat with comedian Judith Lucy at 1hr 30mins mark. 2020