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Greensong offerings often involve utilizing outdoor environments, nature and natural materials.

While these offerings in and with nature can have many benefits, our natural world can be unpredicatable and it's important to practice mindfulness and respect, and exercise caution and consideration to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.  

If you have any concerns, please consult with a qualified healthcare professional before proceeding.


In booking an outdoor event or workshop, you are agreeing to the disclaimer and acknowledge these guidelines:

Respect Wildlife: Avoid disturbing wildlife, nesting areas, and habitats. 

Stay on Trails/Paths: Be mindful of natural environments with uneven ground, and other natural hazards. Stay on designated trails and paths unlesss by mutual agreement so as to prevent trampling any fragile ecosystems. 

Leave No Trace: Leave what you find to minimise impact, reduce site alterations and avoid damaging live trees, plants and habitats. Carry out any rubblish to minimise your impact on the environment.

Minimize Noise: Keep noise levels down to avoid disrupting the tranquility of the natural environment, disturb animals and other people seeking solace in nature.

Follow Regulations: Be respectful of any rules, regulations, or guidelines specific to the area we are visiting. 

Dress Appropriately: Being prepared ensures you're comfortable and safe during your outdoor experience. Please wear approapriate clothing that you do not mind getting dirty.  Wear suitable clothing and approapriate footwear for the weather and location.  

Suggestions: Winter - Coat, rain jacket/waterproof outerwear. Solid shoes. Summer - sunglasses, hat, sunscreen.  Keep an eye on weather forecasts and be prepared for changing conditions.

Weather Awareness:  Sudden weather changes can impact your safety and well-being. Events will go ahead in all weather, except in hazardous situations or when the experience will be impacted by the weather.  Expect to be alerted via email and text about cancellations.

Safety Precautions:  Your facilitator is trained in First Aid and will carry a basic first aid kit.  Please take responsibility for your own (and your family's) safety and actions during the event or workshop.  Work with the facilitator regarding plans for estimated return time and please report any issues or concerns that may come up.  If we are venturing into remote areas, please carry a charged phone, map and compass. 

Allergies and Hazards: Be aware and avoid potential plant allergens or insects that might carry disease or sting. 

Physical Limitations: Disclose any medical conditions which could increase the risk prior to the session.   Consider your physical abilities and limitations for the particular outdoor offering, and ensure activities that match your fitness level to ensure a positive and safe experience.  ​

Digital Detox: Please turn off your phone or volumn and only use for photograps if necessary or if a part of the experience. 

Hand Hygiene: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before eating, after any activities that might have exposed your hands to dirt.

Please Bring:

  • Water bottle with enough water for the specific experience and weather

  • Snacks or a meal (as per specific event) and eat before any meal that does not include a designated meal-break. 

  • Bring a fold up chair, rug, towel, or cushion for your comfort if your activity requires sitting and you do not want to sit on the earth.

  • Garden gloves for any horticultural happenings. 

  • Notebook and pen

  • Any medicines you may need. Ie. antihistamines

Connecting people to self, community, and our natural world through permaculture and ecopsychology

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