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What is Greensong?

Greensong is located in Melbourne, Australia and focuses on integrating the principles of ecopsychology and permaculture to promote environmental sustainability and biopsychosocial well-being. Deb Punton founded Greensong in 2012 following a calling after completing studies in Ecopsychology and Landscape Design. She has combined previous nursing experience and recent Permaculture studies to offer various programs, workshops, and events that aim to educate individuals about the interdependence of the human psyche and the natural world and how these two factors can be integrated for the benefit of both.

Permaculture, an ethical and design principles systems-thinking approach aims to create healthy, just human settlements to benefit our surrounding environments. Greensong recognizes that humans are not separate from the natural world, and that our personal and community wellbeing is closely connected to the health of our natural environment.

Greensong offers a range of workshops and courses that teach individuals about permaculture design principles, gardening techniques, and sustainable living practices. These programs provide participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to create sustainable food systems and reduce their ecological footprint. Greensong also offers community gardening programs that provide individuals with the opportunity to grow their own food and connect with nature and other community members.

Ecopsychology is an integral link to life-work, vision and mission, recognises that the health of the environment is closely connected to the biopsychosocial and spiritual wellbeing of individuals and communities. Greensong offers various programs and workshops that aim to promote emotional resilience, connection to nature, and social support. The SOS program is designed to help individuals cope with the psychological effects of environmental degradation and climate change repercussions, and promote a sense of interconnectedness with the natural world.

Greensong is dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability, biopsychosocial wellbeing, and social justice through the integration of ecopsychology and permaculture principles. Through various programs and initiatives, Greensong is empowering individuals and communities to create sustainable and resilient food systems, reduce their ecological footprint, and connect with nature and each other for greater health of self, community and natural world.

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