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Greensong Nature Gifts

created with specific intentions at heart


The benefits of nature interactions are numerous! 
Nature provides many gifts to enhance our lives, nature provides all we truly need... 

Researched benefits include providing us with nutrition and medicines, clean water, shelter, lowered blood pressure, faster healing, reduced anger and depression, increased confidence, creativity and self-esteem as communication with others develops with group interaction, skill levels and activity processes.  It is fun to explore our sensory stimulation with as many as 54 noted natural senses! 

Greensong offers opportunities for nature-reconnecting through various opportunities including these Mini-gardens Eco-Art experiencesworkshops and events, horticulture, and Gardening for Wellbeing.
Simply being in Nature naturally releases endorphins, dopamine, and other hormones which produce good feelings, reduce stress levels, lower our heart rate and blood pressure, boost immune functioning, increase positive emotions and reduce depression.  


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Magic Rainbows 1502
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Future Vase 1412
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Freedom 1410
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Release 1410
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Create your own Mini-Garden!


There is an ecopsychology practice included and it is a great fun activity to do with a few friends!

Day/Time: As requested. Please contact for quotes.

Time: 90-mins workshop.
Suitability: Adults and adolescents 
Location:  Sth east Melbourne, Australia. 
Fee:  $50 per person payable on the day or 1:1 $110 (Cash or EFT)

Class size: Min 4 - 12 max people 
Inclusions: Optional materials and refreshments
Considerations: Wear clothing appropriate for the weather to be outdoors on the day and that you don't mind getting dirty
Facilitator: Deb
Methods include: Applied Ecopsychology, horticultural activities, Eco-art techniques, play, mindfulness and visualization.  

Enroll: Register here or click BOOK button!



Please complete form below if you received a MIni-Garden as a gift.

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Instructions on care specific to your Mini-Garden

-A FREE ecopsychology exercise to connect with your Mini-Garden

-Guidance from Nature especially for you to assist with feeling balanced.  (You may ask a specific question)

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Ancestor Doll
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Gentle Giant and Mother
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Full moon egg
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Tropical Leaves