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Spirit dolls, blessing & healing totems


Healing dolls, hearts, eggs, and totems are created with specific intentions and people at heart

These healing dolls, eggs, hearts and totems are needle-felted.


The 'heart' of the doll or totum contains prayers, blessings, and offerings such as crystals, herbs and plants, and other natural materials chosen specifically for the recipient and, or, their healing intent. 

This ancient art was learnt with respect and gratitude to my teacher Julia Ingles. I encourage her to visit her website for her beautiful heart-felt work at Sacred Familiar and I highly recommend taking a course with her.

2 essential ingredients
Natural materials
Ancestor Doll
Felting on the clothes


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PLEASE see INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK for the recent creations, dolls for sale below and complete FORM to order a BESPOKE totem or doll. 

Dolls and totems ready to bless a new home...

  • The Mother of Mercy is available now

  • Summer Fire is available now

  • Grandmother of the flame and magic cup is available now

  • The Griefwalker is looking for a new home about mid 2021