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Does Ecological Decline Increase Risks to Our Health and Happiness?

Have you ever thought about the emotional costs of ecological decline and living in a society which values economic values above ecological and welfare?

Does it manifest as Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Despair, Guilt, Feelings of being overwhelmed/powerless, addictive behaviours as coping mechanisms and Distractions to numb from these feelings?

The evidence is there that our species and many others will decline and become extinct. We can address 'uncomfortable and unpleasant' feelings as 'attractions' triggering us to action; calling us to make conscious changes in our life to alleviate the discomfort we feel. On a holiday we can choose; do we purchase carbon offsets or stay in Eco-ethical resorts? Do we make a conscious thought regarding our purchases and the consequence of this purchase and impact on its origin and life cycle?

Please contact me if you would like to be part of an Ecopsychology study sharing your feelings and thoughts…

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