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Greensong Farm Retreat provides a place to visit or stay and enjoy a variety of sustainable lifestyle options. 

Sustainable Living Experiences

-Stay in the B&B

-Explore sustainble accomodation at our farm demonstration site.

-Attend a workshop build.

-Trial living in a sustainable accomodation for a period of time to develop your plans, feel inspired and empowered.

-Build your Tiny House on wheels.


Some people are exploring the notion that less could offer more by engaging in simpler, more relaxed lifestyle. We offer hands-on experiences without the comitment!


Healing garden-herbs, plants and bush tucker


Nature Therapy with individuals who were exposed to trauma.


Nature Therapy for individuals wanting to lunplug from technology for a weekend.


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-Hold a special event at our farm retreat, weddings, birthday celebrations, family re-unions.

-Large and small groups groups catered for.

-Corporate Teambuilding weekends/daytrips, conferences

-Harvest weekends


Book Launch


Storytelling and singing around the fire



BOOKING Enquiree and calander 



Wellness retreats: Yoga classes, relaxation and meditation amongst beautiful scenery.


Family Nurturing: Our busy lives often leave us feeling duty-based and having little fun as a family. Enjoy nature and share a memorable family experience.


Corporate reward treat: Rewarding your loyal workeers after a big project can be fun, rejuevenating and relaxing.


Activities may include: collecting the chicken eggs, planting veggies, yabbying, harvesting, building a cubby-house, sit around a fire roasting marshmellows or cooking damper, rope swings, night walks, eco-art acctivities, nature-reconnecting games, sensory guided walks...

Permaculture Practices

-Developing self-sufficiency practical food production skills

-Sustainabe local food production with Farm gate stall and market sales.

-Permaculture/organic Nursery

-Resilience building for climate change transtions




Sustainability groups Gippsland:


Farm apprentice: Work 4 hours a day for reduced fee.



Farm gate sales


Farmhouse direct to you online shopping:

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