Spirit or Blessing Dolls & Healing Totems


Healing dolls, hearts, eggs, and totems are created with specific intentions and people at heart
These healing dolls, eggs and hearts are needle-felted
and created with mindfulness, reiki, meditation, and nature-attunement. 


The 'heart' of the doll or totum contains prayers, reiki, blessings, and offerings such as crystals, herbs and plants, and other natural materials chosen specifically for the recipient and, or, their healing intent. 

This ancient craft was learnt with respect and gratitude to my teacher Julia Ingles

and I encourage her to visit her website for her beautiful heart-felt work at Sacred Familiar and I highly recommend taking a course with her.

The gallery above demonstrates part of the creative journey, but not the deeper intuitive aspects. 


These dolls are created intuitively each taking about 15-40+ hours to birth themselves in my hands.

They range for $55 for a totem to $185 for a doll. (Less hours for smaller totems) 


The consent and healing intent is the only marker of who they will be; they grow into themselves and reveal themselves in their own time...  


They are created focused on you and your intent. 


It's a journey creating these dolls and totems, they come into dreams and meditations.  I use the Natural Systems Thinking Process model to be receptive to the plant and other choices. Symbols come in meditation and dreams, and sometimes the hands felt them without a prior image in mind.  The totem or doll tells you 'yes' or 'no' when you go to choose colours of wool, face or no-face, tattoos and markings, style, hair and clothing... Most of the wool used is hand-dyed corriedale and merino. 


What is most important is you consider your intent and healing which is then embedded within this doll or totem, rather than what you want the end product to look like.  

Spirit doll or healing totem orders... 

  1. Please complete this FORM

  2. You will be contacted when completed and your details confirmed before mailing.   

  3. Your doll/totem will arrive in the mail (Australia only) with information about:

  • the materials inside your totem

  • the healing intent and other info

  • an optional ecopsychology practice to connect with your doll or healing totem

The dolls and totems are made with nature, from nature apart from a pipe-cleaner which has wire in it. They are intended over time to return to nature. Moths may eat them, they may be so loved they start to fall apart. They may be gifted to someone else, left in nature, or buried when you feel they have served the healing or purpose you needed. 

The dolls feel the most alive when being interacted with, it may be a doll that sits somewhere nearby you or you want to touch or sleep with it.  They may want you to work on changing their clothes or feature with needle felting or other crafting if they get old and tired.  Spirit dolls and these totems come alive in our hands with us focusing on the intent and healing medicine they provide.


Click gallery image for detail. PLEASE SEE INSTAGRAM OR FACEBOOK FOR LATEST DOLLS and TOTEMS including for sale.  


The Griefwalker and The Mother of Mercy

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Felting on the clothes