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Dandelion Parachute Seed


Environment Education Workshop Sessions

Workshops and programs may be tailored specifically to the needs of clients.

This may include art or horticultural activities and aspects of a curriculum or school ethos.


-Professional Development Workshops for staff - Practical horticulture activity and values of children working with and in nature 

-Environment Workshops for students/families. May include creating a small garden and/or art project. 


Sessions: Min 2 sessions/Max 3 sessions per day

Participants: 22 max

Time: From 2 x 45 mins activity sessions ECL/Schools

Suitability: Groups, Early Childhood, Professional Development, Individuals, families.

Location: On site at your school/center/ELC/park/gardens

Inclusions: Activity plan. Materials list. Health and safety (Precautions, responsible tool use, etc) 

Exclusions: Materials and location considerations 

Consultancy and workshops - Horticultural and Garden Design advice

-Landscape, Horticulture, Permaculture and Ecopsychology methodology

-Environmental Education (free initial phone consultation)

Time:  3 hours minimum

Location: On your site

Suitability: Groups, Early Childhood,  Individuals.

Inclusions: Post meeting report and recommendations supplied as relevant to consultation. 

Exclusions: No materials are supplied as this is solely a consultation to ascertain your requirements for DIY or further employment of services.

Landscape Design/Permaculture Design


1. Contact to identify involvement required.  Data is to be provided via email to ascertain the scope of work. 


2. Design Brief

The Design Brief gathers information and identifies the involvement, wants and needs, site, geography, soil and weather conditions, sustainability aspects and budget. We discuss concept ideas, possibilities and options relevant to your site.

We also ascertain the level of involvement and commitment by resident, teachers, Garden Coordinator/groundskeeper, volunteers, etc.  Following this initial consultation and on acceptance of ensuing Design Services,  the Design Brief and Proposal documents are created. A quote will be emailed within 21 days. 

Time: 1-3 hours

Fee: $300 (Deducted from final payment should the Design Contract be accepted)


3. Site Survey

On acceptance of the Design Contract, accurate measurements and other information are gathered to create the Site Analysis. If the site is large and complex, a professional site surveyor and/or structural engineer may need to be engaged at an additional cost. The Site Survey, Site Analysis, Proposal Document and Design Brief are evaluated and a draft concept design is created. This design is tailored to your individual needs, wants and the site elements.


4. Concept Design

An initial black and white draft concept design is completed within 4 weeks of the Site Survey and presented.  This plan illustrates the proposed garden but excludes planting details, complex drawings or construction particulars. During this presentation, minor adjustments may be made to ensure you are completely satisfied with the design. We allow time for you to consider the draft and will make one change if necessary.  If changes are necessary, creative and effective solutions are found, changes are made as the plan is refined and a second black and white concept plan is presented.


5. Plan-set

The final Plan set is completed 8-10 weeks from the date of the Site Survey. On completion of the design process we present the final Plan-Set as below ready for you to begin construction work or hand to your Landscape Contractors. 

Plan Set may include the following plans and documents as quoted:

-Concept Plan

-Detailed,scaled technical plan combining and explaining plants, hardscape materials and design elements.

-Planting Plan and Plant Schedule

-A separate detailed plan and a document showing the specifics, names, types, sized and exact location of new and existing plants.  This enables for flexibility with time and the project to enable students to be involved. 

-Plant Maintenance Plan

-A yearly maintenance schedule produced specifically for the plants in your garden to ensure their success and that they look their best year round. This enables you to tick off monthly duties or provides your maintenance person with a program to follow.

-Soil testing and analysis.


6. Overseeing Design and Landscape 

10% of the landscape construction cost. We ensure the whole garden installation and project implementation of the design are adhered to the desired plans.


7. Maintenance

Maintenance of landscape and plants $65 per hour. 


Suitability: Early Childhood Centers,  Schools, Residential and Commercial.   

Fees: As above and quoted according to requirements.

Applied Ecopsychology/Deep Ecology

Group & individual Programs and Workshops


Activities are based on the intent of the individual or group.  We follow The Natural Systems Thinking Process of Applied Ecopsychology and may incorporate eco-art, horticulture activities or a guided walk in a natural area. (Ie. making a garden or potting plants) & other aspects of working with Nature to guide us towards achieving our goals and intent.

Current events or workshops on request

Time: Negotiable 

Suitability: Groups, Early Childhood, Families, Individuals, Professional Development.

Location: Garden, center, local park, backyard, near any natural area...

Fees: Contact for quote. 

​Facilitator: Deb Punton 

Dandelion Parachute Seed

"A human being is part of a whole, called by us the 'Universe,' a part limited in time and space.  
He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest - a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is kind of  a prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us.  Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty." 
-Albert Einstein 

Eco-Art and Eco-Art Therapy


Eco-Art is an enjoyable creative expression which offers therapeutic, educational and personal insights.


Workshops based around creating artwork are tailored to the intent of the client or students. No previous art experience required. 

Chinese Brushpainting Techniques with Eco-Art connecting with Nature aspects.

Backyard Bliss is offered as individual sessions, small friendship groups (tea-party style) and family eco-art playground experiences.

Seasons may be individual or group class. 


Time: 90min-2 hours.

Location: TBA

Suitability: Groups, Early Childhood,  Individuals, Professional Development.


Backyard Bliss and Seasons: Group: $60p/p  (Min 4 people-max 10 people)  Individual: $110

Chinese Brushpainting: $60 trial includes materials. Series of 5 individual sessions. Program following on from trial: $530 Includes take home art materials, homework and reflection documentation interactions.

Facilitator: Deb Punton

Dandelion Parachute Seed


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