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Mid-Autumn Musing during COVID restrictions

The current season is marked by a significant sense of change and transition, which may seem externally imposed. However, change and transition are a natural and constant part of the evolution of our universe. The changing colors of leaves, animal migrations, and preparation for winter all demonstrate the seasonal cycles of transition. Autumn encourages us to embrace our instincts and confront present situations honestly, revealing our true values. Winter provides an opportunity for deep rest and contemplation, allowing us to dream and prepare for a more resilient emergence in the spring with a clear plan of action.

I am entertaining thoughts that we will emerge post COVID-19 with inventive ways of being that we prefer over the pre-COVID-19 days. Ways that are more beneficial to collective planetary wellbeing. I am contemplating how physical distancing doesn’t mean social distancing, distance doesn't mean disconnectedness, and acknowledging and shifting our perspective from a reactive state of panic and stress to a responsive mode, allows all kinds of creative ideas to materialise. These days we are invited to see new ways of being connected, build and share our skills and unique talents.

While in 'self-isolation' mode, opportunities remain to reconnect with the abundant and alive elements nature offers in our home, our garden, on our local streets and in parks while observing the physical distancing health regulations. We have some additional time to practice nourishing nature-reconnecting, self-inquiry, and feel rejuvenated calmness from the benefits of nature’s wisdom and healing.

For several years we have hit a lot of barriers constricting actions and agency to transition our planet to more restorative lifestyles on personal, societal, economic and political levels. We have seen ourselves a separate and superior being instead of part of nature. If we look from a global perspective, we see that we have forgotten the indisputable truth that every living thing is interconnected and that we are part of a larger living being, our planet Earth, within this universe.

Our disconnected thinking has manifested in the many ways; injustices, inequality in access to human health services and according to Hunger and World Poverty, about 21,000 people die globally every day from hunger or malnutrition. We see evidence of destruction of habitats and increased extinction rates, ecosystems collapsing, addictive consumerism and many competitive and isolating systems within our human world.

Personally, I felt a sense of change, uncertainty and vulnerability emerge about 5-years ago. The great turning and churning internally caused deep uncomfortable feelings which were showing me that I, and we, needed change. Uncomfortable sensations are asking us to search and find more attractive and fulfilling sensations, they require us to move through resistance and challenges and often lead us to useful insights and a motivated outcome. My mentor, Dr Mike advised me during this time to create “unified field playgrounds and live mostly in them.’

Applied ecopsychology demonstrates how the natural entities within an area play, support and heal each other including us if we are receptive and have the intent of a respectful, reciprocal relationship. Ecopsychology and EcoArt Therapy studies nature-reconnecting practices, where my guide though this dark and illuminating period of time and continue to be my wise counsel. I feel I was being prepared to support others with methods to reconnect on a deeper level with nature, including in our own nature for a greater sense of wellbeing.

What a great time to explore our inner and outer natural world.

We can choose to see this transition as a calling to rebalance so we may live with greater respect and mindful relationships within our world on a micro and macro level.

With the grace of time in this forced alternative way of living, we can consider if COVID-19 is now challenging us to rethink our role as a human-being rather than 'human-doing'

Do we want to go back to the pre-COVID-19 way of being?

Do we wish to emerge by implementing transformative and inclusive steps towards a regenerative culture?

What skills will I build and learn to play my part in a regenerative culture?

Our Earth calls to us, in multisensory ways “come play!”

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