Artwork: Attractions and Intentions

Have you ever wondered what attracts you to a piece of artwork?

There are several styles within Traditional Chinese Brushpainting that I find most intriguing. Styles of this ancient art form pay respect to the painter connecting with nature and energy; Qi. The artist is an extension of the brush and many traditional Chinese Brushpaintings are produced from studying and sensing landscapes and nature. For example looking at a mountain and waterfall, the mountain conveys strength, the waterfall vitality. While you are in nature you give and receive energy (Qi/Chi) therefore the strength of the mountain and vitality of the waterfall connects with the nature within you. Blossom symbolizes good luck and happiness, vitality of life, endurance through hardship and hope as life regenerates. A painting with the intent of Qi can convey that energy component so that even by looking at the painting the observer feels an emotional or a sensorial reaction such as ‘attraction.’

Paintings with Qi intent are calculated and deliberate strokes. The subject matter, colour, movement and direction that the eye follows in the composition portray this. Often Westerners mistake this controlled aspect as lacking creativity rather than imparting purity and simplicity within the technique. The 'self' or 'Ego' is subdued while restraint and respect is reflected in the self-control of the painters’ intention. The intention being conveyed communicates with the viewer therefor attraction is felt... or other emotions and feelings.

Take a look at my painting "Lotus in Gold Peace." Can you sense any intention within this painting? This was done with specific intention.

Next time you are looking at an artwork, consider what feelings stir inside you and can you identify them? Interested to know ... more...?

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