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Artwork: Attractions and Intentions

Have you ever found yourself drawn to a particular piece of art and wondered why? Perhaps you feel a certain emotional response or connection to the work that you can't quite explain.

One form of art that embodies this idea is Traditional Chinese Brushpainting, which is rooted in the artist's connection to nature and energy, known as Qi. By studying and sensing landscapes and nature, the artist becomes an extension of the brush, creating deliberate strokes that convey intention and convey a specific energy component.

For instance, a painting of a mountain and waterfall may convey strength and vitality, respectively, as the artist channels the energy of nature into their work. The use of specific colors, movement, and composition direction all contribute to this intentional energy. While some may view this controlled approach as lacking creativity, it reflects the painter's respect and restraint, allowing their intention to communicate with the viewer and evoke emotions.

Painting: Lotus in Gold Peace - Deborah Punton 2012

One example of this intentional approach is the painting "Lotus in Gold Peace," which was created with a specific intention in mind. By considering the emotions and feelings stirred within you when viewing a piece of art, you can begin to identify the intention behind the work and appreciate it on a deeper level.

Eco-art therapy emphasizes the power of art to connect us to nature and promote healing and well-being. By exploring the intentional energy behind artwork, we can tap into the therapeutic benefits of art and deepen our connection to the world around us. So next time you find yourself captivated by a painting, take a moment to consider the intention behind it and what emotions it evokes within you.

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