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Test your Nature-relatedness Research

Psychology Department at Trent University in Peterborough investigating the environmental and health (happiness) benefits of individual differences in connectedness with the natural environment (nature relatedness) Test online HERE

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes.

If you have children and only follow two of these links....

this is a few minutes well spent.

In 1992, a12 year old girl addresses the United Nations.

An oldie but a goodie... and do you know who's daughter she is?

And 27 years later... and in 2018 and 2019

another child addresses us, (Greta in 2019)

Password Protected Pages

Website Links (Thank you to people for sharing some of these) 


Project NatureConnect - Ecopsychology Founder Dr. Michael Cohen's movement for educating, research, couselling and healing through re-connecting with nature.


Ecopsychology Support, research, links and studies of the interaction between humans and nature.  Ecopsychology UK.

Mary-Jayen RustWebsite with a variety of 

Policy Lab Clinical trials and research into Nature Therapies, including gardening and eco-therapies (useful to validate projects and programs)


The Earth Charter Values and principles for a sustainable future


The PoleStar Project explores alternative futures and global scenarios


Skeptical Science - Climate Change history


Guide to Composting at Home

Electricity & Its Impacts


Turn Your House Into A "Green" Energy Machine: Save Money & Improve the Environment With Renewable Energy


20 Things You Can Do to Conserve Energy


How to Recycle: The Ultimate Guide to Recycling


My Green Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide to an Eco-friendly Kitchen


4 Easy, Affordable Ideas for Creating a Water-Friendly Yard


Eco-friendly Gardens: 7 Ways You Can Help Protect the Environment with Self-sustaining Gardening Habits


8 Ways to Go Green with Your Car


20 Ways to Go Green at Work

Nature Deficit Disorder Richard Louv website. Books about reconnecting children and adults with nature and the benefits on their lives, health and our earth.


Horticulture Therapy American Horticultural Therapy Association - History, uses, etc regarding the health benifits of using nature and the environment 'Horticulture Therapy.'


House plants to clean toxins from your home or work place. NASA and Associated Landscape Contractors of America studyPlants most effective in removing Formaldehyde, Benzene, and Carbon Monoxide from the air

Bamboo Palm – Chamaedorea Seifritzii

Chinese Evergreen - Aglaonema Modestum

English Ivy - Hedera Helix

Gerbera Daisy - Gerbera Jamesonii

Janet Craig - Dracaena “Janet Craig”

Marginata - Dracaena Marginata

Mass cane/Corn Plant - Dracaena Massangeana

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue - Sansevieria Laurentii

Pot Mum – Chrysantheium morifolium 

Peace Lily - Spathiphyllum

Warneckii - Dracaena “Warneckii”


Therapeutic Landscapes Network


Parks part of our health system


Every living thing on this planet has a purpose Earthworms can transform toxicity in soil. Our planet Earth is so amazing and wondrous... 


Labyrinths as healing landscapes

Composting Living In Apartments (Thanks to Bella!)


Movies and documentaries

The Story of Stuff 20 min movie - Where our stuff comes from and where it's going, why we are on a treadmill in life... consumerism, climate change, environmental concerns, health and wellness, etc. (Temporarily enable pop-ups) 


Kymatica 1hr 20min movie-Gosh! Kind of the story of everything! Interesting and thought-provoking


The Century of Self - 4 series BBC documentary about the psychology behind politics and consumerism 


The Age Of Stupid - Pete Postlethwaite as an old man looking back on Earth from 2055.


The Secret Life of Plants. Documentary, plant senses and wisdom. .Includes polygraph test research regarding to how plants react to a variety of circumstances... later… reactions of plants to images and music and other  amazing experiments… 


Plant Research into how can a plant discern an insect eating them compared to other influences. “This research also opens the window of plant behavior a little wider, showing that plants have many of the same responses to outside influences that animals do, even though the responses look different,” Appel says in the research. 



The Decline and Fall of the Human Race  by M.C. MacDonald  (Free on-line book)


The Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawkin

"For the first time since life evolved, one species is now altering the physical, chemical, and biological features of the planet on a geological scale.  Scientists tell us of a litany of ecological disasters—climate change, toxic pollution, species extinction, marine depletion, deforestation—the depressing list can paralyze one with hopelessness and despair.  Fear can motivate immediate action in the short-run, but hope can be sustained. Paul Hawken's writings are always at the cutting edge of environmental thought, original, surprising and shot through with optimism.  Blessed Unrest is an uplifting perspective, engendering wonder and hope.  For all of us that are squirreling away in our individual small ways, it is inspiring to realize that millions of us can add up to an irresistible force. Read this book and shout "Hallelujah!" -David Suzuki, author of The Sacred Balance

A New Earth- Eckhart Tolle






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