Welcome to this applied ecopsychology practice

This self-guided activity fosters an opportunity to reconnect and strengthen relationships with our selves, our community and within our environment. ​​

The guidelines for this activity are adapted from a portion of the Natural Systems Thinking Process. (NSTP from Project NatureConnect) 


To participate, follow the 6-steps on the guidelines.  You can print the guidelines or open the link to use while you are in, or with nature. Please set aside at least 25 minutes to participate and take a notepad to jot down notes or draw. 

In your specific location, please adhere to maintaining COVID-19 physical distancing and health regulations for safety precautions. Also, please ensure you minimize risks and feel safe where you choose to go in nature to participate in the exercise. 

Using the applied ecopsychology guidelines provided, follow the steps until you get to step 4.  This contemplative/intent step changes according to the participant, group, or seasonal intent. Below is the step supplement relevant to this season. It would be helpful to keep this page open on your phone or divice to refer to, or jot down some notes. 


Autumn is a season to reflect and prepare... perfect for inner migrations. This Autumn, in particular, has come with a sense of a great global turning and transitioning.  Listening to our inner nature body with its instinctual messages guides us just as other animals are guided with their migrations.  Many animal species have a migration, periods of movement as part of their annual or seasonal cycle, so it makes sense that we humans also do.  It's the season to gather, to take stock, slow down from the active and energetic summer, time to start the turn inwards. Its the perfect season for a change of direction within ourselves, an inner migration journey to allow new paths and directions to present themselves.

Do you feel any yearning, turning, or deep churning inside causing uncomfortable feelings... or asking for clarification?

These challenges and uncomfortable sensations are a great message from our body to search for more fulfilling sensations. To begin a search... 


At this time of the year, you may find these sensations are guiding towards a corrective leaning, offering us a reset button to guide us to a constructive action or something which fulfills a purpose and leads us to be our authentic self, ready to emerge in Spring with some new way of being and acting. 

Imagine a conversation with your Natural Attraction asking for guidance to align you with being your authentic self, composting, and relinquishing what is no longer serving you and the greater good. 

Choose 1 or more questioning prompts if they are attractive to you: 


How can my uncomfortable emotional state be transformed?

What do you need? What do I need? 

What am I searching for?

What am I longing for?

How do I feel about change?

What have I learned is essential and non-essential in my life?

What have I forgotten?

What is hiding in the shadows causing discontentment?

What feels incongruent in my thoughts, actions, behavour, beliefs, self, community, and/or environment?

What is out of alignment with my inner nature and how I reflect on myself out in the world?

How can my love and gratitude be reflected in an action to serve? 

When your activity is coming to a completion, tune in to your body and ask it if there is anything else it needs right here, right now to be the most effective it can be.

What would my 10-year future-self advise me right now?

Did you receive any insights or messages?



Participate in any activity prompts that appeal to you. 

With the consent of the area or natural entities: 

  • Create a mandala made from Autumn leaves.

  • Float flowers or leaves to create a mandala. 

  • Dance and swirl around outside, spin in circles.

  • Imitate movements you see in Nature.

  • Create a water-colour painting. 

  • Create a song about your experience.

  • Plan an Autumn garden bed design with foods to nourish your body.

  • Find and collect leaves that consent to being composted and transitioned into healthy soil.

  • Autumn Leaf Play exercise for children or adults. Look around you and approach some fallen Autumn leaves that you are attracted to. Ask their permission to come and work with you. Talk about problems and worries and where in the body it is felt. (Use steps above as appropriate for age level)  Write or draw problems or worries on one side of the leaves. With the leaves permission, take them to the waters edge and release some of them into the water and watch them drift away... alternatively, drop the leaves from a height and watch them flutter to the earth or compost or safely burn them. Keep at least one to write or draw the good feelings from this release on the other side. Either release these leaves, compost, keep them as a physical reminder of this experience or press them in a book.

Complete the session with the Reflection Survey to consolidate the experiences, provide feedback, receive a personal response to your reflection or provide a testimonial.  

We acknowledge and pay our respects to the first people of our country, their elders, past, present and emerging. 

We also gratefully acknowledge the role the more-than-human entities play in our lives and well-being. 

Greensong Guidelines are adapted with permission from Dr. Michael Cohen's Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP: Project NatureConnect) and with inspiration by Dr Teresa Sweeney's Eco-Art Therapy.





​PRINT the 2-page activity guidelines to take with you 


Seek a place in, or with Nature, that feels safe and comfortable. 

Participate by following the Guideline steps as noted. 


Participate in the Autumn supplementary prompts provided in steps 4 and 5 if they are attractive to do so. 


Complete the Reflection Survey to:

  • Consolidate your experience

  • Provide or receive feedback

  • Provide a testimonial

“We need a real awakening, enlightenment, to change our way of thinking and seeing things.

To breathe in and be aware of your body and look deeply into it, realise you are the Earth and your consciousness is also the consciousness of the Earth.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh